The Petal People - About the Author

The seeds were sown for The Petal People© children's books in 1976 whilst author Pauline Earles was living in Zambia. With two young sons to look after, the intense heat made it difficult for her sons to go to sleep. With a shortage of food and luxury items there was nothing else to do but make up her own bedtime stories to get her sons to sleep. There was an abundance of flowers so they were the obvious character choice. All of a sudden Jack Jacaranda, Priscilla Protea, Frank Frangipani and Victoria Verbena to name but a few came to life.

Over the years Pauline concentrated on her sons, Dax and Baydr. Once their education was complete Pauline ran her own residential home for the elderly and it was whilst doing this that she was rushed into hospital for surgery. On release from hospital Pauline was confined to bed and it was at this stage in her life that she began to write down the Petal People children's stories. Thus, Susie Sunflower, Theodore Thistle, Harold Holly and many more were put into print.

After visiting schools all over the country to read her stories to the children. Pauline has now signed a worldwide publishing deal and negotiating an animated series for television.

Personal Appeareances.

Wednesday 8th April 2009 Theodore Thistle will be appearing on the TUMBLETOTS SHOW at Lakeside Shopping Centre. 

The Petal People will be selling books and mechandise at The Baby Show, Stand P12 at the NEC on 15th to 17th May 2009.

Theodore Thistle will be at LEGOLAND on Saturday 4th July 2009.

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